Who's making all this stuff?

Handdrawing by Jasmin Giller

Good question. 

Lilac Records started off as a little way to create and release music, but it was meant for more than just that. 

It is a global community of multi-faceted artists, musicians, poets, philosophers and all around lovely humans who express messages of love, honesty, compassion and connection through their different forms of art.

You may notice someone who paints having something in the lyric section or a a musician contributing to an art piece. It's all connected. It's all on the same frequency. It's all love. 

When you dig into Lilac Records, we hope you find insight, love, compassion and connection to other artists and yourself. 

If you yourself are an artist, doesn't matter where you live on this beautiful planet, we want to get to know you and get to know your art! Please send us an email with your creations and a little bit about yourself. Let's connect and ideally feature you on our website! 

Let the good energy rise.

With light and love, 

Sam Stokes