Jasmin Giller

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Visual Artist. Hair & Makeup Designer. 


"The way we choose to go,

will present us with people

who share those same aspirations"

To live this world through her eyes

After living in Brazil, Spain, Germany, Texas and many times bouncing between those places, Jasmin has found her home in her art world and creativity. 

She's one of those artists where everything she touches just flows from her so naturally and so expressively, it's full of life and perspective and insight. Her artwork is a reflection of her connection to the great beyond and yet is a bridge to the beauty and depths of the experiences on this Earth.

Aside from her visual artwork, she's one of those artists you want to have around you in any situation, whether it's a fashion show, live concert, music video shoot, or songwriting session, she brings her purest life force to the table and elevates any creation in that moment. 

When her Hands Touch the Canvas

A Mother's Love

Hand sketched, pressed flowers and coffee stains

The Soul Between Us

Painted and drawn on paper

Golden Skeleton

Painted and drawn on paper

Playful Blue

Acrylic on canvas

Conscious Stars

Hand drawn on paper

Inspiration for the song "Conscious Stars" by Sam Stokes and Casey Abrams.

Heart of the Universe

Hand drawn on paper

Inspiration for the song "Heart of the Universe" by Sam Stokes and Casey Abrams.

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