A record of this moment in time

Through love

Through goodness

Through wholesome expression

We invite you to

Stop and smell the lilacs

A global community

Of multi-dimensional artists

Serving their art

Serving their muse
Serving the world

Sharing this space in time

With one another

To elevate

To rise

To connect the world

Artist Shop coming soon! 

100% of the profits will go to each artist for what they have on this website. Lilac Records doesn't keep any cut from an artist's sales.

How does this work?

This is a community of real artists, scattered throughout this globe. They have their own websites, and platforms we encourage you to explore! 

Here you'll find some our favorite pieces from them, all connected to the same higher consciousness of love. 

All recording this moment in time.

If there's someone we should know about (maybe it's you!) tell us! We want this to grow organically and with the purest of intentions. 

What do I do if I want to buy something?

Buy it!

We all know streams and hashtags aren't paying musicians or visual artists and sometimes we don't know how to give a little love to the people who inspire us and deepen our souls, so we want to help connect real fans to real artists. 

These are real people, with real bills, dedicating their lives to the muse. 

If you like something, add it to your cart and show them some love wherever you share your favorites with the world.